Guess Which State Has The Most Dog Bites

How many of you have a dog or know someone that does?

We are sure that nearly everyone answered yes to that question. There are nearly 90 million dogs in US households. The last thing you probably think about when you interact with someone’s dog is that it will bite you and cause an injury.

At The Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno, we are here when you need a personal injury lawyer in San Diego. Let us get to work on securing the compensation you need.

What We Know Can Happen

You may have missed it, but one week in April was “Dog Bite Prevention Week.” While we know that is not a holiday that people typically celebrate, we thought we would bring you some statistics, starting with the fact that there are around 4.5 million dog bites each year in the United States. While many of these are relatively minor, some are major attacks that can cause serious injuries.

But, does this really happen often in California?

According to a new report by the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm, California is the leading state when it comes to dog bites.

What kind of injuries are we talking about?

Even for minor bites or attacks, you could be dealing with infections that can spread to other parts of a victim’s body. For major attacks, it is not uncommon for us to deal with:

  • Severe damage to a person’s soft tissue
  • Ligament and muscle damage
  • Damage to veins and arteries
  • Severe disfigurement

Victims of dog attacks often need extensive medical care including surgery to repair the damage. For some, plastic surgery may be necessary to restore functionality and appearance to their body. If insurance does not cover these expenses, a victim and their family could be in financial jeopardy.

Dog attacks are often the fault of a dog’s owner. If an owner lets their dog off of its leash, an attack is much more likely to occur. Owners who fail to secure their dogs on their property could be held liable if injuries occur in an attack. Under no circumstances should an owner allow a dog that is known to be aggressive mingle with other pets or people.

How We Can Help

We know that the aftermath of a dog attack can be confusing, but if you or a loved one have been injured, please seek legal assistance. At The Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno, our qualified and experienced team will work diligently to secure the compensation you need for all of your injury-related expenses. This can include:

  • Compensation for your medical bills
  • Lost wages and benefits if you cannot work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Possible punitive damages against the dog’s owner

When you need a San Diego personal injury attorney, you can contact us by clicking here or calling us at 888-278-6688 for a free consultation. Insurance companies and other parties can be hard to deal with, but we will handle everything for you.

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