Multiple Car Accident Interrupt Morning Commute

Rush hour in the morning is already frustrating. No matter how early you get up, you will always hit a little of the morning rush hour traffic. It is one thing to sit in traffic due to congestion of the road, but it is another when there is a traffic accident. Traffic accidents are frustrating because police vehicles and emergency vehicles are required to enter the scene every time. Hopefully, no one needs the services, but it takes time for accidents to clear up. However, if you are the one in the accident you do not care how long it takes for everyone to get around you. Instead, you care about whether you are injured and who is at fault.

Our San Diego Car Accident Attorneys at the Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno have a 99.7% success rate in car accident claims. You don’t achieve such a high rate of success by guessing. Our San Diego Car Accident Attorneys know the ins and outs of car accident claims. We understand the resources necessary to win and we are ready to put the work in every time. If you or someone you love is injured from a car accident then you need to reach out to our San Diego Car Accident Attorneys in order to start your route to success.

Car accidents happen all the time. Take a look at this timeline of accidents from the beginning of March 2019:

  • 3:30 AM First accident occurs: A woman lost control of her vehicle causing it to roll and land on its roof. Thankfully she was able to climb out of the window and get to safety while the emergency crew arrived.
  • 4:40 AM Another car veers off the roadway and crashes. The driver was trapped inside until crews were able to get him out. He was taken to the UC San Diego Medical Center for attention.
  • 4:48 AM Two vehicles hit each other due to a spin out due to wet roadways. Authorities stopped all traffic until the vehicles and roadways were cleared.
  • 5:27 AM Three car collision.
  • 5:52 AM Another car spins out due to wet roadways, but it is a solo accident. No one else was hit or injured.
  • 6:18 AM Another three-vehicle collision. This time authorities were able to move the cars to the shoulder in order to let traffic pass.

Imagine, waking up to go to work really early and still dealing with roadway traffic. Imagine being apart of those several vehicle accidents? Don’t take your roadway travel for granted. An accident can happen at any time, but even more so when it is raining. If you find your self injured due to a car accident, don’t hesitate to find legal assistance. Our San Diego Car Accident Attorneys at the Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno is ready to take on your case so you can start to relax and recover. Call 888-278-6688 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at the Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno in San Diego today.

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