Young Woman Killed On Her 22nd Birthday

Eugene G. Bruno has more than 30 years of experience with clients from various needs. From car accidents to wrongful death, Bruno has the ability to work successfully on a spectrum of personal injury cases. Wrongful death cases are extra personal for Bruno because understands that his help is limited. Our San Diego Wrongful Death Attorneys will try our best to ensure that justice is served, but we cannot bring your loved one back to life. As a firm, we believe that in order to best serve our clients we must get to know them. We must work intimately with them. A wrongful death case is very intimate, but we believe in professionalism and empathy can go hand in hand.

Wrongful death suits are not criminal charges. They are separate charges through a civil court, not a criminal court. People chose a wrongful death suit because there is a lower threshold of negligence than in the criminal court. Most wrongful death suits are settled outside of court. Wrongful death suits can be filed by the immediate family members or dependents of the deceased. Financial compensation can be made for loss of companionship, medical bills associated with the death, funeral arrangements, loss of future income, and emotional distress.

The Jones Family

As an example, Mikaela Jones was killed on her birthday. She was hit by an armored truck as she crossed the street to catch her dog who ran away from her. She was in the middle of a La Jolla shopping center. As she ran out in the street, the armored car turned and hit her. It was seen that Mikaela’s hand was up, but investigators aren’t sure if it was to show that she was in his way or for something else. It was her 22nd birthday.

Jones legal team suggests that the shopping center is also to blame. They state that there is no crosswalk or pedestrian crossing signs in a very pedestrian populated area. They also state that had the armored car stopped as soon as he hit the young woman, she may have survived. The Jones family not only wants justice for their daughter, but they also want others to be safe from an incident like this too. They are pushing for safety signs to be posted around the shopping center.

The family hates to put forward a wrongful death suit, but in order to make change sometimes, you have to create some legal waves.

What To Do

If you are searching for wrongful death suits then may our legal staff be some of the first to share our deepest condolences. What you are going through is hard enough. Our San Diego Wrongful Death Attorneys understand the sensitivity of a case like this. We also appreciate and empathize with our clients because it takes real courage and bravery to seek justice for our loved ones. Call 888-278-6688 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at the Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno in San Diego today.

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